Qasas Ul Anbiya By Allama Ibn E Kaseer قصص الانبیاء

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Qasas Ul Anbiya


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6 comments on “Qasas Ul Anbiya By Allama Ibn E Kaseer قصص الانبیاء

  1. Assalamualaikum

    I want to buy Qasas Ul Ambiya book in urdu.
    Not by downloading.
    How can i buy ??

    I am in Thailand.

    Look forward to your reply.


  2. First I thankful for this act of betterment of all people because Allah Taallah is real Lord and Khaliq e Qull because Rabul Aalmeen not Rabul Muslimeen, it separate issue that who understand or not want to under stand, for example wife is property of one who could not want to share any other, he will go extremely against who, who want to share with his wife, a little property, Allah Taallah is fully Load and Actual Owner of every thing whole of this world and next world then how Allah Taallah beard that we {Na Auz Billah] say any other like statue and other things they have nothing to do for us. Always say that Allah is One, Allah Taallah is only one. La Ellaha Ellullah O Wahdaho Lashareek, Lahul Molko Wala Hul Hamd. Yoh Yee Wa Yamooto Wahowa Heyu La Yamooto Abadan Abada Zul Jilali Wal Ikram Wahowa Aalaa Quli Shyin Qadeer,Subhan Ullahi Ama Yshrikoon. Spread this, this is Actual and Truth.

  3. Alhum dulillah Qasasul anbeya translated and written by Maulana Ataulla is great and appreciabble.

    Jaza kallah khair

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